Thursday, September 29, 2016

How To Care For Your Earrings

Update Your Earring Holder

If you are like me and have dozens of earrings and a regular jewelry box than you may do what I do, I toss them in compartments! Not the smartest thing but I am always in a rush and don't take care of my earrings as much as I do my necklaces. With that said, I have come to the realization that if I want to save time in the morning I need to be more organized. Being more organized will not only save me time but it will protect my earrings from getting tangled, broken, and losing one of the pairs.

I was looking around for earring holders and found some really cute and fairly inexpensive earring holders

But I could not find something that really screamed ME so I turned to Pinterest! There I found DYI earring holders that would satisfy anyone's needs. Most of them are very simple and only need a few items that you can find in your home or at your local store.

Here are just a few great ideas I found:

One was made with old CD's, another with a baking rack and the third with plastic storage drawers and some foam. I loved all these ideas, they are simple and will accommodate different style earrings and I can keep adding on to them.

Need to update how you store your earrings? Take a look at Pinterest for great choices.

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